Smart Marketing

When I opened a small business right before the Great Recession, I learned a great deal about marketing, business ownership, and myself!  While running the business, a marketing company, I created guidance for some of my clients that I dSmart Marketingelivered via blog posts.

As I launched my seventh business in my adult life (there were much more when I was a kid,) I stumbled onto those blog posts, polished them up, and published it as Smart Marketing.  I envision it as the beginning of a new business book series, Smart Business.  Enjoy!


Dream realized!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my first book targeted towards a widfront cover jpege range of people.  Written in a story style, readers follow the adventures of a young woman as she meets Mr. G and learns the five keys to align her life.  If you are interested in making life changes, finding a new career, or finding a way to balance your life, the Power of Alignment will help you find your way.